GlutenTox banner ad for our affiliates

Is your website or blog dedicated to gluten-free issues? Is your audience full of people with celiac disease (or their parents) or non-celiac gluten sensitivity? If so, we bet that some of them would enjoy hearing about GlutenTox Home, the easy-to-use test that lets people detect gluten in foods and drinks—no lab equipment or scientific know-how required!

Are you a nutritionist, health coach, dietitian or general practitioner whose patients are learning their way around a gluten-free diet for the first time? If so, GlutenTox Home can be a great help along their journey—it can be used to check all sorts of questionable items for trace amounts of gluten. By joining our affiliate program, you can easily connect your newly gluten-free patients with GlutenTox Home from your website or via personalized email—and you don’t even need to keep the test kits in stock in your clinic or office!

The GlutenTox Home affiliate program is a great way to spread the word about how easy it is to test for gluten in household foods, drinks, and other products. Plus, you can earn some money in the process. We have a full roster of banner art for your website, in a variety of sizes and moods. Or use your unique tracking code in emails or text-based campaigns; it’s easy to find a design that works for you and you can even use the program via your Facebook page or Twitter account!

There are plenty of ways to join the GlutenTox Home family, but the first step is to sign up! As always, our team is here to answer any questions you have via phone or email.

If you are interested in joining our affiliate program but have an audience based primarily outside of the USA. please contact us for more information about international orders of GlutenTox Home.