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Science Fair project testing pizza sauce for gluten

Award-Winning Science Fair with GlutenTox Home, Pizza Edition: Attack of the Gluten Molecule

Today’s blog post is especially exciting, because it’s been written by our guest blogger, Bethany Jeffries. Bethany is an award-winning young scientist who used GlutenTox Home to test some interesting hypotheses about cross-contamination of popular gluten-free foods. Her science fair project earned first place (!!!) in the biomedical division at her area’s regional competition — […]

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Sterculia foetida (Wild Almond) fruits

All About Almonds!

Keeping your facility free of cross contact with allergens means less chance of recalls, leading to very loyal customers. Almonds are a great ingredient in countless dishes, desserts and confections. Unless, of course, you happen to be one of the unlucky 1% that are allergic! Cross contact from almonds can have serious repercussions for these […]

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2016 Year in Review

Emport reviews 2016!

What’s been happening in research and development in gluten and wheat? Every year brings advances in knowledge about gluten, Celiac Disease and gluten intolerance. With the end of 2016 approaching, we thought now would be the best time to review some of the recent research and developments that affect the gluten free community. If we’ve […]

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UGES: The new gluten extraction solution

The solutions that are traditionally used for gluten extraction still need major improvements; UGES has been developed to cover all the details that needed an upgrade. Detecting gluten from food is immensely important for celiac patients, to see if the product they are consuming is gluten-free or not. Extracting gluten in food is the first […]

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Monitoring gluten immunogenic peptides (GIP)

Research into various celiac mediations aside, complete compliance with a gluten free diet remains the only reliable treatment for celiac disease. Whether through accidental exposure or the conscious decisions to ‘cheat’, when it comes to ingesting gluten with celiac disease, gut mucosal damage is still a very real consequence – along with all of the negative […]

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Narrowing the field: defining non-celiac wheat senstivity

A significant proportion of the world’s population has adverse reactions to wheat proteins. Celiac Disease and wheat allergies have been studied for decades, and their characteristics are well-enough understood that the disorders can be diagnosed and a treatment plan implemented. A major obstacle in treating non-celiac wheat sensitivity (NCWS) has been diagnosing the disorder, which […]

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Potential breakthrough treatment for Celiac Disease

You’ve heard of nanotechnology, but are you familiar with Nanomedicine? Nanomedicine is a fast-developing field, employing new, and newer, technologies to improve the targeted delivery of drugs and the repair of damaged cells. The development of these tiny robots is touching every aspect of medicine. We are most excited about the application of nanoparticles as […]

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The link between the lymphatic system and the brain

Unprecedented new research out of the University of Virginia Neuroscience Department has found a direct connection between the lymphatic system and the brain. Until this new study, it was accepted that the lymphatic system had been completely mapped. Antoine Louveau, PhD, a postdoctoral fellow at UVA, found through working with the brain of a mouse […]

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Differing Opinions on Gluten Analysis Research

Recently an article was published in the American Journal of Nutrition detailing the gluten content of a variety of different gluten-free foods available for sale across several European countries. Reassuringly, the study found that the overwhelming majority of products available were not only below the Codex Alimentarius guidelines of 20ppm or less detectable gluten, but […]

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