Emport LLC Introduces AlerTox Sticks Total Milk Rapid Allergen Test Kit

The AlerTox Sticks line of easy, on-site allergen detection kits now includes a test especially for milk: AlerTox Sticks Total Milk. The kit is designed for food manufacturers whose foods, beverages and surfaces may become contaminated with milk proteins.

Milk. It’s used as an ingredient across consumer goods ranging from cheese to make-up. This is why Emport LLC is so pleased to announce that the AlerTox Sticks line of rapid, on-site allergen test kits now includes AlerTox Sticks Total Milk.

AlerTox Sticks Total Milk, from EmportAlerTox Sticks Total Milk is an easy to use rapid test that detects traces of both casein and beta-lactoglobulin protein, the most abundant proteins and allergens found in milk, in foods and on surfaces. The test is appropriate for detecting milk proteins from cows as well as sheep and goats.

AlerTox Sticks Total Milk is the most recent addition to the AlerTox line, replacing the AlerTox Sticks Casein and AlerTox Sticks Beta-Lactoglobulin kits (still available on request). The kit offers results in less than 12 minutes and requires no equipment and no scientific knowledge at all. The AlerTox line also includes lateral flow tests for soy, mustard, egg, fish, crustacean, almond, hazelnut, and peanut along with a wide variety of ELISA tests.

Within the United States, FALCPA regulations require milk to be listed as an ingredient and handled as an allergen. It is also required to be treated and labeled as an allergen in Canada and Europe. “By offering one combined kit for both casein and beta-lactoglobulin proteins, we can provide our clients a cost-effective and time-efficient solution,” says Emily Kaufman, president of Emport LLC.

Milk proteins are an ingredient in many of the products found in the Dairy aisle, but can also be found in some unexpected places. Some brands of canned tuna fish contain casein and fish are sometimes dipped in milk to reduce odor. Cosmetics, personal care products and medications can contain milk proteins. These products can also cause allergic responses in milk-sensitive patients.

Since the proteins found in cow, sheep and goat milk are 85% identical they have the same allergic potential. Most individuals who are allergic to cow’s milk are likely to be allergic to milk from other animals like goats or sheep.
AlerTox Sticks Total Milk is available for purchase in kits containing ten single-use tests, and is distributed within the US and Canada by Emport LLC. Emport LLC also distributes the GlutenTox line of lateral flow gluten test kits.

Learn more about AlerTox Sticks. The Total Milk kit is available for purchase at EmportLLC.com

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