Your Gluten-Free Holiday Gift Guide

Buying holiday gifts can be tough for anyone. The lines, the sales, the lack of parking spaces and the general lack of time! As a little holiday gift from us, we thought it would be nice to take out some of the legwork that goes into gift-giving, gluten-free style. We’ve listed some great gift ideas that are perfect as stocking stuffers – suitable for your friends, family and colleagues.

1. GlutenTox Home Kit
Have you recently ordered take out and you’re not sure if it’s gluten-free? Now you can be sure by testing food in the comfort of your own home. Results within minutes, GlutenTox Home is simple to use, contains all equipment needed to run each test and comes in 2 (trial size), 5 or 10 tests.

GlutenTox Home Test Kit

Be worry-free and test food and drink in your own home.

2. Spiralizer
With so many different versions of spiralizers coming out over the last few years, picking one is really all about preference. This handy little spiralizer from Amazon will get the job done, is easy to use, clean and store.

Spiralife Spiralizer

Spiralife makes spiraling vegetables fast and easy.

3. Caulipower Pizza
Also available at a Trader Joe’s in your area, this has been getting praise as one of the best gluten-free pizza crusts available. Created by a mom of two small children, diagnosed with Celiac disease, this recipe has been perfected, thoroughly tested and it’s all the rage this year.

Caulipower is the latest trend in healthy pizza crusts.

Cauliflower is a great alternative for gluten-free pizza crusts.

4. San-J Soy Gluten-Free Organic Soy Packets
Who doesn’t love sushi? Some sushi joints are following suit with gluten-free requests and usually have a stash of GF tamari on hand, but if that’s not the case, these to-go packets are small, light and can easily be stored in your purse or pocket.

Tamari to-go travel packets.

For the gluten-free sushi lover. On-the-go packets are perfect for your office lunches.

5. Gluten-Free Toaster Bags
Whether you’re traveling for work, vacation or a quick road trip, these toaster bags are totally affordable and reusable. They last for months and give you that comforting piece of mind while on-the-go. With continental breakfasts being the equivalent of carb and gluten heaven, you can trust that your piece of gluten-free toast will survive in any toaster with your handy toaster bag.

Reusable and affordable toaster bags.

Protect your gluten-free bread with these sleek and safe toaster bags.

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