GlutenTox® Sticks Plus kit, even better!

Emport is pleased to announce a newly improved version of the GlutenTox® Sticks Plus kit, making it the most sensitive method currently available on the market for the detection of gluten.

GlutenTox® Sticks Plus is designed to help food manufacturers monitor for gluten at every step of production. This test kit also allows quick decisions and corrective actions in case there is any risk of contamination along the production chain. Kits are user-friendly, accurate, and robust: a must-have for any quality and food safety plan implemented by manufacturers or commercial kitchens that want to ensure the safety of their gluten free customers.

The notable changes to the GlutenTox ® Sticks Plus kit:

  • More sensitive: Improved limit of detection down to 1 ppm.
  • Products validated at 1 ppm: yogurt, paté, corn flour, bread sticks.
  • Faster procedure for surface analysis: Read results in 4 minutes for surface analysis.
  • Changes in the table of dilution: A 1:10 dilution gives you the result for 1 ppm.

While GlutenTox Sticks are easy to use, they do require some basic lab equipment (pipettes and tubes, agitators, and ideally a centrifuge) and therefore tests should be performed in a dedicated part of your facility. Feel free to contact Emport LLC with questions about how best to stock your laboratory to facilitate use of GlutenTox Sticks.

Interested in learning more? Check out our website, or download the information sheet.


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