Good news for Celiacs!

Gliadin free wheat

Here’s an interesting paper! Researchers modified wheat to reduce gliadin, and may have found something that could be A) celiac-safe and B) usable to bake bread, pasta, etc.

The original paper, published in 2010, outlines efforts in engineering wheat to remove gliadin, the culprit in wheat that directly affects Celiacs. Gil-Humanes and his team used RNA interference as the basis for their engineering. This technique suppresses a gene from creating a protein; gliadin in this case.

Francisco Barro, who was on the research team, was profiled for his continuing work in engineering Celiac-friendly grains. He presented his recent developments at Growing Voices, a conference that supports the positive impact of genetically engineering food crops.

Through efforts like this, we are coming closer to minimizing the effect of Celiac disease in day to day living. How do you see the development of Celiac-safe wheat impacting your life?

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