Stuffed Pepper Tests Lemon Rind for Residual Gluten

There are so many places that gluten can hide! Sometimes things once thought to be off-limits (like the gluten from envelopes and stamps) can turn out to be safe. Other times, something that we always considered safe can wind up being a source of contamination.

Intrepid blogger Heather over at Stuffed Pepper had some questions about the wax used to coat produce (lemons, specifically). Conveniently, we’d sent her some GlutenTox Home tests to try out – and to her lemon zester she went!

To read more about her test results — and the fascinating things she learned about potential allergens in produce wax — visit Stuffed Pepper.

Can you test acidic foods like lemons for gluten?

Can you test acidic foods like lemons for gluten?

Of course, one of the toughest things about testing for gluten is trying to identify cross-contamination from non-homogenous sources. Depending on where the contamination happens, it might be fairly uniform or it might only be present in a few items (if an imaginary gluten-free cookie manufacturer accidentally gets rice flour that has a hot spot of gluten in it, that hot spot will probably wind up getting mixed into lots of cookies somewhat uniformly. If there are crumbs on the assembly line from a gluten-containing production run, then the contamination will be less uniform).

Heather will likely be running some more tests in the future — and we’ll keep you posted on her results!


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