GlutenTox Pro Surface: Environmental Testing


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GlutenTox Pro Surface (KT-5660S) was developed for facilities that produce both “traditional” and gluten-free items, ensuring that the manufacturing environment is free from traces of gluten is a top concern. Accordingly, GlutenTox Pro Surface is designed to detect gluten on surfaces and comes with everything you need to conduct 50 environmental tests. GlutenTox Pro Surface is:

  • Accurate: G12 antibody detects gluten from all toxic grains; no false positives.
  • Quick response: A reliable answer in less than 11 minutes.
  • Adjustable sensitivity: Threshold can be adjusted by use of additional swab.
  • Easy: No special equipment needed, easy-to-read results including control line.
  • Reliable: Shelf-stable and long-lasting.
  • Cost efficient: competitive pricing and volume discounts available.

GlutenTox Pro Surface (KT-5660S) is not appropriate for testing foods or beverages. For that, we recommend GlutenTox Pro.