Who Should Test for Gluten?

The GlutenTox test kits are found in companies and kitchens of all sizes.
You might benefit from GlutenTox if you are a:

Food Manufacturer

Commercial Kitchen
Health Food Store
Retailer / E-tailer

Healthcare Pro

Manufacturer of Gluten-free Foods, Supplements, etc.

Whether you make exclusively gluten-free items in a dedicated gluten-free facility, work with a co-packer to produce or package your gluten-free items within a shared facility, or produce both gluten-free and gluten-full items, there is a GlutenTox product that is right for  you. Both GlutenTox Pro and GlutenTox Sticks can help you check incoming ingredients for traces of contamination, swab the surfaces of your equipment and facility to ensure adequate sanitization between production runs, and also verify your final product is as gluten-free as your customers have come to expect.

Many manufacturers use GlutenTox Pro because it’s so easy: no equipment required, so you can start testing for gluten as soon as your test kits arrive. Plus results are easy to read and you can test to 5, 10, 20, or 40 ppm for semi-quantitative results.

For organizations who run a high volume of tests, test items with especially complex matrices, or require a wider range of detection thresholds, GlutenTox Sticks may be a better fit. With a basic lab set up, GlutenTox Sticks can detect as little as 3ppm gluten in less than an hour. Plus, GlutenTox Sticks can be used in conjunction with the GlutenTox Reader to provide precise digital evaluations of the PPM count of your samples.

Commercial Kitchen 

Does your restaurantcafé, or bakery have a gluten-free menu?

Do you operate the cafeteria in an officehospitalschool, or camp that serves meals to some people on a gluten-free diet?

If so, you know how important it is to be ever-vigilant about cross-contamination by wheat, barley, rye, and even oats. GlutenTox Pro is smallportable, and extremely easy to use. In ten minutes, you can examine your cooking surfaces to make sure they have been cleaned adequately and do not contain trace amounts of gluten (for example, from flour dust in the air settling on countertops). And in less than twenty minutes, you can check the ingredients your team cooks with and the finished gluten-free dishes they create.

Even if your staff follows careful procedures to avoid cross-contamination on site, many restaurant staple ingredients like cornmeal or rice flour can arrive with unwanted (and unlisted) extra ingredients – traces of gluten-containing grains like wheat, rye, barley, and oat. In fact, a 2010 study of these single-ingredient, inherently gluten-free items found that as many as 30% contain more than the recommended threshold of 20 ppm gluten (all the foods tested were not labeled as gluten-free, but did not have any gluten-containing ingredients. You can read more about the study here).


You can help your health-conscious clientele avoid gluten in many ways. GlutenTox Pro is easy to use when spot checking incoming gluten-free items headed for your bulk bins, to perform quality control on new product lines, and within your own kitchen if you also have a café, juice bar, or salad bar.

Plus, did you know we have a special test kit, GlutenTox Home, designed for families and individuals to use at home or at the office? Contact us for wholesale rates.

Healthcare Professional

If you are a doctor, dietitian, nutritionist, health coach, or other professional who specializes in gluten intolerance, GlutenTox Home can help your patients learn which foods are safe for them to eat, and help them identify the hidden sources of gluten contamination that are keeping them from a full recovery.

If your practice is located within a larger facility (like a hospital) that has a cafeteria, GlutenTox Pro can also help keep gluten-free staff, visitors, and patients healthy.


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