GlutenTox Pro Gluten Test Kit

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Looking for information on GlutenTox Pro or GlutenTox Sticks, our gluten test kits specially designed for commercial kitchens and gluten-free manufacturers? Please visit us at! If you’re interested in ordering, the 25-test kit is available in our online store any time.

Are you a:

  • retailer with a health-conscious, gluten-free clientele?
  • doctor, dietitian, nutritionist or other health professional who specializes in gluten intolerance?
  • leader of a support group for people with celiac disease or gluten intolerance?

If so, we have convenient programs in place to help you provide your favorite people with an easy way to check for gluten in their homes and keep their families gluten-free. Contact us for more information about wholesale rates, high volume discounts, and information packets for your store, clinic or support group.

Is your website dedicated to gluten free issues? Are you a nutritionist or health coach whose patients may benefit from GlutenTox Home? If so, our affiliate program is a great way to spread the word about GlutenTox and earn some money in the process. We have a full roster of banner art for your website, or use your unique tracking code in emails; there are plenty of ways to join the GlutenTox Home family.

But wait! Maybe you’re a:

  • bakery or restaurant that has a gluten-free menu, or
  • cafeteria in an office, hospital, school or other public facility,
    • with an increasing demand for safe gluten-free food
    • concerned about cross-contamination
    • wanting to run occasional spot-checks on your current safety program
  • manufacturer or commercial kitchen
    • who makes exclusively gluten-free items in a dedicated facility, but needs to check incoming ingredients
    • who makes exclusively gluten-free items, but in a shared facility with potential cross-contamination of equipment / ingredients
    • who makes items gluten-free and gluten-full, and wants an extra layer of assurance that your foods and cooking surfaces are safe

While GlutenTox Home can be a great resource for any kitchen or QA lab, Emport LLC also distributes products specially designed for manufacturers and other large-scale facilities.

Our current clients range from small bakeries with dedicated local followings to international brands found in every supermarket to co-packers whose clients require constant vigilance against that sneaky gluten! We have programs set up to help you protect your brand and your reputation, regardless of your size or testing needs.

For more information, you can send an email to Someone will be in touch with you within 24 hours.