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News about GlutenTox Home, the kit that tests food for gluten.

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USDA and sustainable agriculture

We’ve talked a couple of times over the last few months about changes in the USDA dietary guidelines. These changes, based on the newest research in the area of nutrition, have been adopted into the 2015 edition of the dietary guidelines. One highlight to the new guidelines is a shift away from the food pyramid […]

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New nutrition guidelines from the USDA

Have you checked in on the newest USDA endeavor to encourage a healthy lifestyle? New dietary guidelines were published in 2015, with deeply significant changes to what is included in a healthy diet. The changes have been a long time coming, and were not easy to make. For decades, the recommended diet prioritized consumption of carbohydrates. Oil […]

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Emport’s Holiday Hours for 2015

Here at Emport, we’re looking forward to the holiday season! If you’re planning a time-sensitive order over the next few weeks, please take a moment to read up on our holiday hours and shipping policies. Emport will be fully closed and unable to ship products or process orders on the following days: November 26-27 (Thurs/Fri) […]

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We’ll see you at Food Safety Summit 2015!

We’re excited to be participating in Food Safety Summit 2015. We’ll be showcasing GlutenTox Pro Surface and AlerTox Sticks. GlutenTox is a range of test kits, designed to detect gluten in a variety of applications. For facilities that produce both “traditional” and gluten-free items, ensuring that the manufacturing environment is free from traces of gluten […]

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We’ll be at IAFP; will you?

If you didn’t get the chance to say hello at IFT last month, we hope you’ll visit us at IAFP in August! Emport, LLC is looking forward to showcasing our many quality control products at the International Association for Food Protection show in Indianapolis August 3-5. If you’ll be there as well, we invite you […]

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TTB speaks out about gluten-free beer labeling

Wondering how your gluten-free beer is affected by the FDA and the TTB? Last week, The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) announced that they have completed their review of the FDA’s ruling on gluten free labeling. They have updated their interim policy to remain consistent with the FDA August 2013 ruling. The […]

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Good news for Celiacs!

Here’s an interesting paper! Researchers modified wheat to reduce gliadin, and may have found something that could be A) celiac-safe and B) usable to bake bread, pasta, etc. The original paper, published in 2010, outlines efforts in engineering wheat to remove gliadin, the culprit in wheat that directly affects Celiacs. Gil-Humanes and his team used […]

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The FDA has spoken!

If you’ve checked your Twitter feed today, you may have noticed one trending topic: the FDA has issued a ruling defining the term “gluten-free” for voluntary food labeling. Here at Emport, LLC, we’re very excited about the new ruling. We know you might not have time to read all 95 pages of it, so here […]

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Looking for GlutenTox in Canada?

We know it’s historically been difficult for those of you in Canada to access GlutenTox for your testing needs. That’s why we’re so happy to share a new website with you: If you are purchasing GlutenTox Home and would like it to ship to a Canadian address, you can order directly on and […]

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