Meet Emport: Introducing Susan

If you call in to our Pittsburgh office, you just might get Susan on the other end of the line. So that you know who’s answering your questions, here’s a quick introduction to our Susan-of-all-trades, in her own words:

I’ve been working for Emport for a couple months now, and wanted to take a moment to say hello! A little background: I’ve been living and working in Emport’s home city of Pittsburgh since 1998, doing a lot of different kinds of things for all sorts of organizations.

About two years ago, my niece was diagnosed with a sensitivity to gluten. Since then, I have watched her tackle some of the diet issues that affect her quality of life. Luckily, she is not hypersensitive and with reasonable precautions, she has found more enjoyment in her life. She’s always looking for new snacks, and trying new recipes. I think she is getting pretty good at making bread, but she doesn’t try very often. It just doesn’t fit her current lifestyle to commit an afternoon to breadmaking! I am glad that I am working with a company that is directly involved in this issue, since I have been able to learn more about how serious this issue is.

I returned to Pittsburgh after quite a few years on the west coast, and in many ways it’s as if I have never left. Whatever free time I have is taken up by my lifelong interest in the arts. Pittsburgh has always had a lot to offer on the cultural scene, and this is one of the aspects of the city that drew me back. I am happy to be here.


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