Fall Internship Available in Pittsburgh

We are very delighted to be on the lookout for a fall intern in Sales/Marketing/Business Development here in our Pittsburgh office. If you are (or know of) a college student who is on the lookout for a pretty sweet for-credit internship, read on!

What we do:

Well, OK, if you’re reading this you already know what we do!

What you’ll do:

It sounds trite, but this internship will be largely what you make of it. There are opportunities for you to learn about PR (social media management, press releases, pitching stories, etc.), Marketing (both B2C and B2B, ie to individuals who might benefit from GlutenTox Home in their families and also to companies and cafeterias that might benefit from using GlutenTox Pro or Sticks to test for gluten in their products and gluten-free menu items), and Sales/Business Development (help us strategize and implement outreach plans for new parts of the marketplace).

There are also going to be days that involve some light admin work, some eating gluten-free food, and some stuff we can’t predict yet. You won’t be making coffee for people, we can promise you that much (but we have a Chemex and a very good grinder, and are happy to show you how they work).

What characteristics you’ll possess:

  • be motivated, independent, and detail-oriented
  • have impeccable writing skills
  • feel comfortable on a computer (basic Internet & Microsoft Office)
  • enjoy talking to strangers (see “social media management” above!)
  • be able to come to our office on Penn Ave in Garfield 2-3x weekly (10-15 hours/week)
  • be able to focus in a sometimes-chaotic environment

Bonus points but by no means required:

  • general familiarity with the gluten-free diet / celiac disease

If interested, send resume and cover letter to us via email. Cover letter doesn’t have to be formal, but it does have to A) give us a feel for your writing style and B) explain why this internship sounds like a good fit to you. If you’re a Pitt or CMU student, this information is also available via your school’s internship database.

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