More GlutenTox on the Web, Less Gluten in Our Foods

We’ve been a little quiet about it, so you might not have heard: finally we’ve launched our second website!

If you visit, you’ll find a host of information about our professional gluten test kits. Not only are there details about GlutenTox Pro — our most popular kit, which combines the ease and accuracy of GlutenTox Home with some special features designed just for commercial kitchens and gluten-free manufacturers — but details about GlutenTox Sticks and the GlutenTox Reader as well (more* on those in a minute).

To coincide with the launch of the website, we’ve also introduced a new video that explains just how easy GlutenTox Pro is for detecting gluten contamination in foods, drinks and also on surfaces. Take a look (and a listen!) on YouTube!

*Although GlutenTox Pro is our most popular kit, we’re also delighted to offer GlutenTox Sticks for facilities that have access to lab equipment and require an extra degree of fine-tuning for their test results. Plus, GlutenTox Sticks can be used in conjunction with the GlutenTox Reader, a simple device that provides a precise, quantified result (eg, your sample has 16 PPM gluten) in seconds.

If you know a gluten-free manufacturer or a restaurant that serves gluten-free meals, ask them if they are doing any testing on-site. They might already be using GlutenTox — but if they aren’t, send them on over to check our gluten test kits out!

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