Review of our Gluten Test Kits: FaveDiets Reviews GlutenTox Home

Wanted to share yet another positive review: FaveDiets gives GlutenTox Home 4 stars!

Our favorite sentence from the review?

“It’s basic enough that anyone can use it, but the scientific element makes the process almost thrilling.”

The testers at FaveDiets used GlutenTox to check some sweetened condensed milk, and also a packet of bacon ranch dressing mix — which raises a very good point. Just because something doesn’t contain any obviously-gluten-containing ingredients does not mean it’s gluten-free! Cross contamination is a major concern.

Check back at FaveDiets next week, as they may have an additional something to say about GlutenTox (cough cough giveaway contest hint cough cough).

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