• GlutenTox - Testing for Glute

    Testing Ingredients for Gluten

    Detect gluten cross-contamination from wheat, barley, and rye in foods and on surfaces. Test kits for consumers and professionals.

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  • GlutenTox for Testing Surfaces

    Testing Surfaces for Gluten

    Testing countertops, equipment, and other surfaces for gluten only takes a few minutes — but it can save you from a big headache!

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GlutenTox - gluten detection for ManufactuersManufacturers
Perfect for gluten detection in dedicated facilities and shared lines.
Quality control for gluten detectionQuality Control
Verify incoming ingredients and outgoing foods are gluten-free.
Gluten detection for Gluten free KitchensGluten-Free Kitchens
Ensure that food for your gluten-free guests is contamination-free.

Gluten detection in foods, beverages, and surfaces.

The GlutenTox gluten test kits are specially designed to suit a wide variety of needs: to help manufacturers keep their gluten-free items safely gluten-free, and to help families and celiac individuals avoid contaminated foods. Why let wheat get in the way?

The G12 antibody found in GlutenTox detects the most toxic fragment of the gluten molecule, the 33mer peptide. It’s effective against contamination from wheat, rye, barley and even oat!

GlutenTox Pro - Gluten detection for commercial kitchens
GlutenTox Pro (KT-5660) is a fast and user-friendly test kit used to detect the presence of gluten in foods and liquids and even on surfaces: no lab equipment or scientific knowledge required. It’s a must-have for any manufacturer or commercial kitchen that wants to ensure gluten-free products for customers.


GlutenTox Pro Surface
For facilities that produce both “traditional” and gluten-free items, ensuring that the manufacturing environment is free from traces of gluten is a top concern. Accordingly, GlutenTox Pro Surface is designed to detect gluten on surfaces and comes with everything you need to conduct 50 environmental tests.


Gluten detection at home, with GlutenTox
GlutenTox Home is the user-friendly test kit that lets people on a gluten-free diet identify traces of gluten contamination. This gluten test kit requires no special equipment and provides clear results in less than 20 minutes. Adjustable sensitivity lets you choose to test to 5ppm or 20ppm gluten.


Gluten Detection for Manufacturers
Designed for manufacturers with access to basic lab equipment, GlutenTox Sticks provides a fine degree of control and semiquantitative analysis of gluten contamination in foods and liquids. Quantify results with the GlutenTox Reader, a simple device providing a precise PPM count in seconds.

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