Easy, Accurate Gluten Detection

Test Foods for Gluten, At Home!

GlutenTox Home Sample Gluten Test KitGlutenTox Home is the user-friendly test kit that lets you identify traces of gluten contamination.
Effective on foods, beverages, and even cosmetics and personal care products, this gluten test kit requires no special equipment and provides clear results in less than 20 minutes.

The G12 antibody found in GlutenTox detects the most toxic fragment of the gluten molecule, the 33mer peptide. It’s effective against contamination from wheat, rye, barley and even oat!

Plus, you can choose the sensitivity of each gluten test in the kit, depending on your personal needs: 20ppm or 5ppm.

 2 tests:
   5 tests:
  10 tests:

People are saying…

Heidi Kelly, Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom

The GlutenTox Home Test Kit is a great resource to help identify gluten-free products which are truly safe.

Reviewer, FaveHealthyRecipes.com

It’s basic enough that anyone can use it, but the scientific element makes the process almost thrilling.

Tina Turbin, GlutenFreeHelp.info

I’m often on-the-go or traveling, with little time to spare, and the test kit more than satisfies my needs. For individuals who are particularly sensitive to gluten…certainly worth a try”

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